CiderPress II

CiderPress Format Documentation Index

This is an index of the file format documentation found in the CiderPress II source tree. The documents describe the layout of disk images, file archives, and "vintage" graphic and document formats.

Each document starts with a list of authoritative references, when such are available, and continues with a low-level description of the format. Put simply, it contains the sorts of things you'd want to have on hand when writing code to process files that used the format. Some are simple "cheat sheets", others have detailed explanations. Most also contain notes on how the "real world" use of the formats differs from what the specification asserts, as well as my attempts to reconcile conflicting information from authoritative sources.

The material was developed while writing the code that processes the files, so it should be reasonably accurate, and may provide some insight for programmers trying to understand why the code works the way it does. The documentation lives in the source code tree, right next to the relevant code.

All documentation in the CiderPress II source tree is copyright faddenSoft, distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

File Archives


Disk Images

Multi-Part Disk Formats


Vintage File Formats