CiderPress II

Feature List

The application supports a wide variety of file archives, disk images, and filesystems. These may be nested inside each other, e.g. you can directly access a ShrinkIt archive in a ProDOS volume in a WOZ disk image stored in a ZIP archive.

You can list contents, add, extract, import, export, copy, rename, move, delete, test, get attributes, and set attributes on files. You can create new disk images in various formats and sizes, get metadata, set metadata, copy blocks or sectors, edit blocks or sectors, and view raw tracks, as well as copy and replace whole disk partitions.

File Archives

Type Filename Extensions Status
AppleLink PE .acu read
AppleDouble ("._" prefix pair) read/add/extract
AppleSingle .as read/add/extract
Binary II .bny .bqy full
gzip .gz read/add/extract
MacBinary .bin .macbin read
NuFX (ShrinkIt) .shk .sdk .bxy .sea .bse full
ZIP .zip full (includes __MACOSX handling)

Read indicates the archives can be read, but not written.

Add/extract means that you can extract files from archives in that format, but you can only create new archives by extracting files to them. For example, AppleSingle and AppleDouble work this way because they're designed to wrap a single file, not hold a collection. Creating an AppleSingle file, adding data and/or resource forks to it, and then setting attributes, is much more complicated than just extracting an entry from a file archive or disk image as AppleSingle.

Full means archives can be created, read, and written.

The __MACOSX support allows files in ZIP archives to be stored with resource forks and HFS/ProDOS file attributes.

Compression modes supported are LZW/1 and LZW/2 for NuFX, Squeeze for Binary II, and deflate for ZIP/gzip.

Disk Images

Type Filename Extensions Status
2IMG .2mg .2img full
DiskCopy 4.2 .dc .image full
Trackstar .app full
Unadorned Block .do .po .dsk .d13 .iso .hdv .img full
Unadorned Nibble .nib .nb2 full
WOZ .woz full (FLUX is read-only)

Disk images may be from 5.25" floppy disks, 3.5" floppy disks, hard drives, CD-ROMs, CF/SD cards, and other block-addressable media.

The original CiderPress had support for FDI (Formatted Disk Image) and DDD (Dalton's Disk Disintegrator). These are not currently supported.


Type Status
CP/M full (140KB and 800KB floppies)
DOS 3.2/3.3 full (including 40/80 track disks)
Gutenberg read
HFS full (up to 4GB volumes)
MFS read
Apple Pascal full (includes defragmenter)
ProDOS full
RDOS read (all three variants)

Filesystems with full support can be formatted onto new disk images.

Multi-Volume Layouts

Type Status
AmDOS, OzDOS, UniDOS read/write
Apple Partition Map (APM) read/write
CFFA read/write (4/6/8 partitions)
DOS hybrids read/write (+ProDOS, Pascal, and CP/M)
DOS.MASTER volumes read/write
FocusDrive read/write
MicroDrive read/write
Mac 'TS' format read/write
Pascal ProFile Manager read/write

Extracting and replacing individual partitions within a multi-volume image is supported.

Creation of new multi-volume disk images is not yet supported.

File Conversion - Export

There are four kinds of output:

Type Action
Plain text convert EOL and character set from DOS, ProDOS, HFS, etc.
Random-access text configurable record length; output to CSV
Hex dump character portion has selectable character set; skips sparse sections
Resource listing plain text; from IIgs or Macintosh resource forks
Disassembly 6502 (+undoc), 65C02, 65816; includes NiftyList annotations
Object Module Format (OMF) file structure output as plain text
Applesoft BASIC plain text or syntax-highlighted
Integer BASIC plain text or syntax-highlighted
Business BASIC plain text or syntax-highlighted
LISA assembler plain text (v2, v3, v4/v5)
Merlin assembler plain text
S-C assembler plain text
Apple Pascal codefile file structure output as plain text
Apple Pascal textfile plain text
AppleWorks "Classic" Database v3, output to CSV
AppleWorks "Classic" Spreadsheet v3, output to CSV, some functions translated
AppleWorks "Classic" Word Processor v3 (and usually v4/v5), most formatting supported
AppleWorks GS Word Processor most formatting supported
Gutenberg word processor plain text, formatting not handled
Magic Window document plain text, formatting not handled
Teach Document most formatting supported
Apple II hi-res 560x384 color or B&W bitmap, with half-pixel shifts
Apple II & Apple /// hi-res font bitmap grid with 96 or 128 glyphs
LZ4FH hi-res 560x384 color or B&W
Apple II double hi-res 560x384 color or B&W
Apple IIgs super hi-res 640x400 color; unpacked ($C1/0000), Paintworks ($C0/0000), packed ($C0/0001), APF ($C0/0002)
Apple IIgs super hi-res 3200 640x400 color; unpacked ($C1/0002), DreamGrafix ($C0/8005), ".3201"
MacPaint 576x720 B&W
Print Shop / GS clip art color and monochrome
Print Shop font bitmap

Text conversions can treat the source as low/high ASCII, Mac OS Roman, or ISO 8859-1.

File Conversion - Import

A limited set of files can be converted from a "host" file to something directly usable on a vintage system.

Type Action
Plain text convert EOL and character set
Applesoft BASIC plain text to executable form

Imported text files may be encoded with UTF-8, ISO 8859-1, or CP 1252. They can be converted to ASCII, high ASCII, or Mac OS Roman.