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Let's start by getting a list of the files from a disk image.

cp2 catalog prodos/

File: prodos/ Disk image (Unadorned, order=dos/sect) - 140KB ProDOS "Forked", 47 blocks free Type Auxtyp Modified Length Storage *Name ---- ------ --------------- -------- -------- ---------------------------------- FON+ $0001 22-Feb-92 19:46 112602 114176 Helvetica TEXT+ ttxt 24-Jun-22 11:15 286 1536 ExtText

The output begins with a summary of the disk image characteristics, namely that it's a 140KB image (presumably from a 5.25" floppy disk), and has a ProDOS filesystem with the volume name "Forked". This is followed by columns with the file type information, modification date, file size, and the filename.

The file "Helvetica" is a font file with a resource fork, so it has the ProDOS file type FON, and the type is followed by a '+' to indicate that it's an extended file. The file "ExtText" is a text file from a Macintosh, and has HFS file types rather than ProDOS types. It also has a resource fork.

If you want to see more detail, you can add the --wide option:

cp2 v --wide prodos/

File: prodos/ Disk image (Unadorned, order=dos/sect) - 140KB ProDOS "Forked", 47 blocks free Typ Aux HTyp Crea Access Created Modified D-Length D-Size R-Length R-Size Name --- ---- ---- ---- ------ --------------- --------------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ---- FON 0001 øøøø øøøø dnbwr 22-Feb-92 19:45 22-Feb-92 19:46 0 512 112602 113152 Helvetica TXT 0000 TEXT ttxt dnbwr 24-Jun-22 11:03 24-Jun-22 11:15 226 512 60 512 ExtText

Note that the command used was "v", rather than "catalog". Many commands have a "long name" and a "short name", which can be used interchangeably.

(The actual output for the HTyp and Crea fields uses Unicode "control pictures", so 0x00 is output as in the actual output. My web browser displays the control pictures as wider than normal characters, so I replaced those with ø above.)

The output for a file archive is slightly different.

cp2 v nufx/GSHK11.SEA

File: nufx/GSHK11.SEA Type Auxtyp Modified Format Length Size Name ---- ------ --------------- ------- -------- ---- ------------------------------ S16+ $DB07 10-Oct-92 15:11 LZW/2 130506 67% GSHK TXT+ $0000 10-Oct-92 15:04 LZW/2 29495 49% TXT $0000 10-Oct-92 14:13 LZW/2 5392 57% Release.Notes

There's a new column that shows the compression format, and a size field that shows the compressed size as a percentage of the original. You can use the --wide option here to get greater detail.

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