CiderPress II

Converting Disk Images

Converting a disk image to a different format is a two step process:

  1. Create a new disk image that has the same storage capacity as the old image.
  2. Copy the data as blocks or sectors.

For example, let's say you wanted to convert a 5.25" disk image in .do format to WOZ format. Create the new image:

cp2 create-disk-image newdisk.woz 140k

Creating UNFORMATTED disk image: WOZ, order=physical, size=140KB

Then copy the blocks over:

cp2 copy-blocks newdisk.woz

Copying blocks 0-279 to 0-279 Copied 280 blocks, encountered 0 errors

For disks that don't have blocks, such as 13-sector floppy disk images, you would copy as tracks / sectors instead:

cp2 copy-sectors newdisk.woz

Copied 560 sectors, encountered 0 errors

NOTE: these commands overwrite the full contents of the destination disk. Make sure you're copying to the correct file.

The disk conversion is always done by copying blocks or sectors. It does not copy the low-level disk format. This means that copying from .nib to .woz could lose information, even though they're both nibble formats.

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